Stop or Go: No More Red Light Cameras in Arlington?

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ARLINGTON, TX —What if red light cameras just disappeared?  Well, if you’re in Arlington, that might just get the green light.  That is,  if councilman Robert Rivera’s plan goes through.

“The reason I’m asking for the removal of the cameras is in the spirit of fairness for everyone,” Rivera said.  “It’s unfair for some people to pay it and others not.”

Other than the $75 ‘slap on the wrist,’ there’s no big penalty for getting caught on camera.  That might be why people aren’t paying up.  There are millions of dollars in unpaid fees out there.

“This will not go on your credit record, this will not go on your driving record. Tarrant County will not do anything to hold onto their vehicle registration for non-payment.  There’s no incentive to pay the fine or fee,” Rivera said.

“Even though they’re up, some people are going to run the light.  It’s useless kind of, if you ask me,” driver Romona Rockingham said.

Other drivers say, it’s a safety thing.

“If it’s not there, you’re just going to shoot on by.  Ain’t nobody looking,” Charles Ballard said. “One of them caught me a couple of times. I went on and paid. I didn’t mind.  They send you that picture in the mail. You can see your car going through the light.”

Those red-handed snapshots bring in a whopping $2 million a year.  The council is split.

“I do agree that red light cameras have helped increase public safety at intersections, but all statistical data to this point is not the same moving forward,” Rivera said.

“I hope they stay.  I really do.  Because I know they keep me honest,” Ballard laughed.

Say cheese! This one could be a photo finish.

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