Stop Buying Tragedy Souvenirs

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I was going through some pictures on my phone recently and noticed some of the places I`ve been. Loved the trip to New York. Didn`t talk much at Ground Zero, but something got me thinking when I went in the 9-11 gift shop.  Get your hats, shirts and key chains with 9-11.  It all seemed weird.

Okay, I didn`t think much of it until I went to the Sixth Floor Museum to learn about the JFK assassination last weekend. That weird feeling came over me again — another gift shop!  You like the Texas School Book Depository earrings?  Didn`t think so.

So – I checked.  There is a gift shop at the site of the Oklahoma City bombing; you can get a toy rescue dog for $20.

You can get a souvenir at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis where MLK was killed; and if you go to Pearl Harbor, they have great deals at their gift shop. Here`s a coupon for a free coffee mug with a $ 25 purchase!

Bad things happened at all of these places. People died. People cried.

Think about this: If a national tragedy allows us to open gift shops, how do you think people would react if someone opened up a store at or near Columbine High School, that movie theater outside of Denver, or the Sandy Hook Elementary School?

A Sandy Hook coffee mug would not go over well.

So, do me a favor. The next time you go to one of these places, don`t buy a damn thing in the store. Just pay your respects.

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