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LANCASTER, Texas—You can call it snow day número dos.  And Lancaster ISD is cookin’ up something special for the kids, literally.

“It goes beyond just what we’re teaching them academically, we want to make sure that they’re taken care of physically, socially, emotionally, and nutritionally,” LISD Superintendent Dr. Michael McFarland said.

Even though school is closed, they’re still serving up breakfast and lunch for students in the district who count on getting a hot meal.

“A lot of our parents are working; students may not have access to nutritional meals,” McFarland said.

“I come from New Orleans, Louisiana.  I left a day before Hurricane Katrina,” head manager Thatcher Crocken said. “It serves my heart well to serve these kids, that I can provide—to give back.”

Hey, we’ll take one of these hot pizzas any day of the week, chef!

But while having a couple snow days might be fun for the kids, what about some of the parents who..ya know..are going stir crazy?!

“[They say] ‘I’m bored, there’s nothing to do,’” mom of three, Nina Zavala said.  “It’s driving me crazy,” she laughed.

“I was happy,” daughter Abagail Hinojosa said.  “I was awake before all of them at 5 a.m.,” son, Jordan Hinojosa added.

“They had Friday off, then the weekend, it’s a pre-spring break,” Zavala smiled.

“I left my bowl on the counter, and she was like, ‘Get that ball off the counter!’” Jordan said.

But hey, who couldn’t use a little family time?!

“Me and my daughter, we played beauty shop last night,” Zavala said.

“She lets me play with her phone a lot, and she’s nice to us,” Jordan said of his mother.

With Wednesday’s forecast, there might be plenty of family time to go around.


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