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DALLAS- September 11, 2001 – It’s a day we will never forget. The mere mention of the date elicits painful memories, images we cannot erase, and the remembrance of those who lost their lives in a tragedy that united a country in mourning.

Jake Terrell from Woodrow Fire Department near Lubbock remembers the tragic event like it was yesterday. “I was a senior in high school whenever it happened, I remember the first plane hit and we brought the televisions in and we sat there for the rest of the day”, Terrell explained.

On Saturday, just days from the 13th anniversary of that ill-fated day, Terrell and hundreds of other firefighters from across North Texas, suited up to honor our fallen heroes at the 4th annual 9-11 Memorial Stair Climb.

This 110-stair climb up the Renaissance Tower in Dallas symbolizes the same physical endurance first responders experienced to save victims, trapped in the World Trade Center Towers.

“It was good to know you climbed 110 floors in honor of the person you climbed for and it feels good now that we’re done,” Terrell said.

John Walters, a surviving New York City firefighter, was on hand to share his story. The Ex- Chief went thanked the volunteers who stepped up and finished the challenge in memory of those who will never be forgotten.

“Whether you’re in New York, whether you’re in California, whether you’re in Texas, It’s a brotherhood,” Walters said.

“When you lose 343 to 3,000 total– even if you’re in Texas, they want to do something to honor them. They’re finishing a climb that those guys didn’t finish.”