State Fair of Texas Donates Leftover Food to Families in Need

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DALLAS — There was plenty of food being passed around at Fair Park Monday. But this time, it wasn’t deep fried. The State Fair of Texas might be moving on out, but vendors at the State Fair were still busy donating unused food to the folks who need it.

“They ended up having a lot of food left over at the end of the year, so we wanted to see that go to good use. We’re collecting food right now and it will go to CitySquare, as well as Woodrow Wilson High School, to support students who may not know where their next meal is coming from,” Karissa Condoianis said.

Christi Erpillo of Winter Family Concessions was the mind behind the project.

“We are donating tons of food today. It feels like I’m having a baby, I’m so excited!” Erpillo smiled.  “To see us be able to give back to our city this way makes me so happy. My mother was recognized by the City of Dallas one time for her work on here the Fairgrounds, and this is just an ongoing part of her legacy and our family legacy to give back. That’s what we want to do!”

This is the first time all the vendors are banding together for this initiative.

“One in four children in the State of Texas is food insecure, so we’re happy at CitySquare that we’re fighting the root causes of poverty, and that includes helping people that are hungry. Makes me feel marvelous. It’s really great when we’re serving our neighbors in need, and our neighbor here at the State Fair is donating the food to us,” CitySquare Director of Food Programs Kay Thomason said.

Paying it forward is a bit sweeter when the smell of success is in the air.

“It was the best Fair in the 129-year history of the State fair of Texas,” Condoianis said.  “We announced an estimated $52 million in coupon sales last night, and I’ve just found out that we’ve even exceeded that and we have $53.6 million in coupon sales, which beats our prior record by more than $10 million. I just want to thank all fair-goers for coming out and supporting our mission.”

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