Spot On: No Waiting ’til Sunday for Super Bowl Ads

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DALLAS–Some of us used to watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials.

‘Cause you gotta hear Steven Tyler’s voice coming out of a giant portrait made up of Skittles.

Or William Dafoe taking on Marilyn Monroe’s role in “The Seven Year Itch.” (Don’t miss the brief appearance by Martin Scorsese.)

Now you don’t have to sit through a whole football game just to see the ads. They’re all online!

Advertisers pay up to five million bucks a pop for ads during the Super Bowl, like one for Mountain Dew introducing a creature called a “PuppyMonkeyBaby.”

Or one featuring Janelle Monáe dancing through the decades.

Or one from Pantene with Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten trying to do his daughter’s hair.

Need a little inspiration? Serena Williams talks about labels, in an ad for the Mini.

Another shows kids training to reach their goals, including playing in a Pokemon tournament.

(I left out the one from PETA.  It’s hilarious. It also was not accepted for airing during the Super Bowl because it’s explicit, and my mother sometimes reads this site.)

Dogs are the stars of this Doritos commercial. The contest winner who came up with the spot will get a million bucks.

The King of Beers is also the king of Super Bowl commercials.

As they said in a tweet earlier this week,

“We were here before there was a #SuperBowl. Still here. Standing strong. #NotBackingDown.”

Bud also has a history of ads about responsible drinking. This year, it’s blunt talk from Helen Mirren.

And Bud always has that touching spot (like this one from 2013) with the Clydesdales.

Or a puppy.

Or Clydesdales *and* a puppy.

This year, Bud has only *hinted* about a Clydesdale spot with a tweet of a newborn foal that simply says,”Meet Mac.”

Okay, so that commercial’s not online yet.

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