Toothless Tiger: What Really Happened?

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toothless tigerCORTINA D’AMPEZZO, ITALY — It looks like Michael Strahan has competition when it comes to who has the biggest gapped tooth smile. That’s because golf superstar Tiger Woods has a hole in his smile big enough to make the tooth fairy go bankrupt. It happened when

It happened when Tiger was watching his girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn become the most successful World-Class skier of all-time after picking up her 63rd win.

But how exactly did Sabretooth Tiger become snaggletooth Tiger?

His agent claims that during a rush to the awards podium, a wayward camera hit Woods in the face and knocked out his front tooth. But one of the race organizers who was right next to Woods during that paparazzi crush says that never happened. We all know it`s not like

We all know it’s not like Tiger to cover something up, right? Come on, Tiger — let the tooth set you free.

Until then, it looks like Tiger’s scarf choice says it all. Hey, if you can’t have real teeth guess you can “fake it til you make it.”

Well, hopefully, when Tiger gets his tooth back, his game returns with it. Woods hasn’t won a Major since 2008. Now that’s something to say “ouch” about.

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