Ready to Stress? Cowboys Kick Off Pre-Season

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ARLINGTON, TX — Are you ready for that sinking feeling in your stomach, watching the Cowboys?

“From our perspective there’s only two seasons to care about,” says Cowboys fan Hobie Richards. “Not fall, not spring, not winter. It’s pre-season football and regular season football!”

Yeah it may only be preseason, but football is football!

While there are plenty of players out there fighting for a spot, two guys who won’t be seeing the field tonight in San Diego are grabbing all the attention.

First, Josh Brent met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Thursday to plead his case on reinstatement into the league. Brent was recently released from prison after his conviction for intoxication manslaughter. The accident killed teammate Jerry Brown. 

“Accidents do happen. Shouldn’t have got in the car, shouldn’t have drove, but accidents do happen,” says Robert, a Cowboys fan in town from California. “I think everybody needs a second chance.”

Second, Tony Romo. He won’t be taking any snaps in San Diego. Are fans starting to sweat a little bit as Tony tries to make his way “back” from a major back surgery?

“I’m a little bit worried about that,” says Lisa Richards,.“Who’s going to keep the team together?”

“I think he’ll be ready, I really do.” says Robert. “I hope the defense can step up this year because that’s our biggest downfall.”

Well, the Cowboys roller coaster of emotions runs every week between now and New Years…

So get your Pepto, get you chair and keep the cursing to a minimum!

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