Dirk Remains Loyal: Signs $40 Million Contract

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DALLAS – Loyalty; can be hard to come by these days, especially in the world of sports. Right now the NBA is the latest example of how quickly one can have a change of heart.

Fans in Oklahoma were setting fire to more than the grill this 4th of July as news came out that superstar Kevin Durant was leaving the Sooner State for the Golden State, Warriors to be exact.

It’s the type of move Durant disapproved of not too long ago.

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But not everyone is about jumping ship. In fact, our own Dirk Nowitzki appears to be ready to go down like the captain of the Titanic. Despite the Mavs having yet another less than spectacular showing in free agency, on Tuesday Dirk decided to stay put with a 2-year $40 million deal.

Last year’s first-round pick Justin Anderson is glad to have his locker buddy back, “He’s a ride or die guy and I’m just happy that we got him back. I get to keep calling him “Six” until he passes sixth all-time (scoring). It’s going to be fun, man.”

Although $40 million is a good chunk of change, Dirk gave Dallas the hometown discount. He was eligible for a $31 million max salary this season.

But even though Dirk didn’t go to Golden State, the Mavs seemed dead set on bringing Golden State to Dirk, signing former Warriors Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut and even getting Steph Curry’s brother Seth!

So loyalty isn’t dead, but the Mavs’ title hopes? We’ll just wait and see. Either way, it’s good to know the Big German will be here to steer the horse.

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