Deion Sanders Divorce: Prime Time Win

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Wow.  The Deion & Pilar Sanders drama has reached new levels.. sort of.  The estranged couple is in court again over child custody issues.  Early on, former Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders came right out with it, saying he doesn’t trust Pilar.  At one point, he even broke down in tears after the court showed his 2011 NFL Hall of Fame speech. He says the speech happened in the middle of ‘drama summer’ — probably around the same time he filed for divorce from Pilar. Pilar said Tuesday morning she hopes the truth comes out over the next few days of testimony. The couple is fighting for custody of their three kids.

Really?! Aren’t they divorced yet? No, but they’re getting closer. Deion and Pilar Sanders were back in court Monday — this time to begin jury selection for child custody issues. As usual, drama ensued. Apparently, there are a couple of people who haven’t been paid. The lawyer representing the children in the case says the NFL legend owes him more than $100,000. And Pilar’s attorney says Sanders owes him in legal fees. The end may be near, though, as opening arguments are set to begin this week, with something like 300 witnesses expected to take the stand.

   First Pilar Sanders got her money, then it got taken..then she got it again.  The Sanders versus Sanders battle has ended in victory this week for Pilar.

Pilar Sanders is a beautiful actress…and soon she’ll be a living the role of a paid Ex-wife.

According to her attorney Larry Friedman, who handles top clients and doesn’t give up.  Despite earlier losses in the pre-nuptial battle, The Collin county judge signed a temporary order Monday awarding Pilar $10,500 a month in child support and $3,500 for her mortgage payments.

Wait a minute…that’s a total of 14-thousand  a month ?? You know what I could buy with that kind of money?

That’s 20,000 packs of Ramen noodles.

And ,000 boxes of Kraft Mac-n-Cheese.

The average teacher makes $50,000 a year.

Pilar will be racking in $168,000; that’s more than the salary of three teachers.

You could even buy a condo in Dallas’ Uptown for that price, or drive a brand new Aston Martin  V8 Vantage, for around  $150,000.

What does Pilar say about all this? “He prime-timed you all. That’s what happened.”

We believe she can now say she is officially the new Prime Time of Soon-to-Be ex-wives.

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