Sports Extravaganza: Competition for Visually Impaired Athletes

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IRVING, TX — They say, anything worth having is worth fighting for. Perhaps nowhere is that mantra more evident, than at the 17th Annual Sports Extravaganza in Irving.

On Saturday, athletes ranging in age from six to 22-years-old, gathered at Nimitz High School to compete in Paralympic-like games and sports.

The athletes are all either blind or visually impaired. About three-hundred of them took to the field and gave gold medal performances in their respective sports.

“This is a Special Olympics-type track and field event that we put on for the blind and visually impaired children from about six-years-old to about 22,” Kathleen Tyre with the Lion’s Club explained.

Among those competing for a medal was Demetria Ober. “I competed in goal ball yesterday, and today I completed the 50-yard dash. I did the running long jump and I still have to do the shot put,” Ober told NewsFix.

“Being at the Texas School for the Blind, it’s a little easier [to compete]. We have people supporting us, encouraging us to do stuff. I’ve been going there for three years, so I’ve been doing this for three years.”

“Even though we’re all blind and visually impaired, we all do everything differently, it’s pretty cool.”

“You have to put yourself out there,” Ober explained. “Even people with sight have struggles. My struggle just happens to be I’m blind, visually impaired, but you just have to try.”


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