Spiderman Swings by the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas

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DALLAS – Peter Parker suited up and made his way to Big D Tuesday.

Several sticky-web slinging superheroes hung out at the Children`s Medical Center in Dallas – literally.

Okay, we`re spinning the story. These guys are really workers from CityWide Building Services; but don`t tell that to the kids.

They were caught up in the moment, and their `Spidey smiles` showed it as they watched the superheroes scale the building.

“The kids have had a great time,” Sean Gleason said. Gleason is the Director of Environmental Services at the Children`s Medical Center. ‘”So when Spiderman comes swinging around and attaches himself on the window, it’s exciting to watch the kids who otherwise are just sitting all day.”

However, the kids weren`t the only ones wowed by the web-thrower. Parents were pretty wide-eyed too.

“I think they’re more shocked than the children actually,” Gleason said.

Talk about time “web” spent.

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