Spice of Blythe: Spice up your life – literally!

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DALLAS -- We all know the spice aisle can be an intimidating place when you're grocery shopping.  It's like a wine list: there are so many options, it can be scary, especially if you don't know where to start.

Bet you're glad I'm here to help, right?

Let's start with the savory spices.

Parsley flakes are a great way not only to add an herbaceous flavor but a little bit of color and zest for your garnish while you're at it.

Then there's garlic powder, onion powder, and oregano.  You can use them on anything and avoid processed flavoring by making your own!

Next up, the spices that can add a little ethnic flavor to your food.

For a little Indian or Middle Eastern flair, try some Turmeric Root.  Not only is the flavor great, but it's one of the roots you should be taking in every day.

Paprika is great for goulash or casserole and adds color along with some smoky heat.

Chili powder is a favorite here in Texas.  You can use it on anything, and it's the easiest way to turn a pound of ground beef into that Texas staple we call chili.

Or if you're feeling Cajun, grab some Old Bay for your crawfish, shrimp, or any kind of seafood.

That brings us to the sweet spices.

Cinnamon is another essential everyday spice.  It's great on anything that could use that classic cinnamon flavor, but here's a pro tip: try it in your coffee in the morning!

I also always like to keep a little nutmeg around.  It may not be eggnog season all year round, but throw some of this on your cookies, and you just might be able to convince yourself.

And finally, maybe the greatest spice of all time, allspice.  Great for anything from sweet to savory, and it has some great medicinal purposes as well.

The Spice of Blythe is to spice up your life by spicing up your spice cabinet!  Don't be afraid of the herbs aisle, and make sure your food is just as spicy and wonderful as you are.

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