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DALLAS — Here at the Spice of Blythe, you know we like to (responsibly!) enjoy an adult beverage from time to time, and soon we’ll have the best excuse of them all – New Year’s Eve!

But NYE isn’t just an excuse to drink, it’s also a time for resolutions and finding ways to better our lives.

In that spirit, we thought we’d give you some great ways to improve those cocktails you’re already enjoying, and to take it to that next level in 2017.

First up, champagne.  Sure, you can just pop the cork, pour some out, and enjoy. But all it takes is some pomegranates and cranberry juice, and now you’ve got a poinsettia!  And that’s at least 10 fanciness points right there.

Obviously, no list of wintertime beverages is complete without eggnog.  To do it Blythe Beck style, add some ice cream and a whole buncha bourbon.  Top with some nutmeg and enjoy.

How about apple cider!  Take some apple juice, add some brown sugar and some allspice dram. You’ll never buy the pre-made stuff again!

And finally, I’m sure lots of you kids out there will be drinking your favorite cinnamon whiskey this weekend. Well, put that stuff in some hot chocolate (or, hey, that apple cider) for a way classier way to wake up smelling like shame and regret on January 1st.

The Spice of Blythe is this: New year, new booze.  Whether 2016 rocked or sucked, start 2017 off right by leaving those boring old drinks in the past where they belong.