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DALLAS — We recently had some bad news in my family: my mom was stuck in the hospital for a whole week.  She’s home now, and doing much better, but one of the things I realized while we were waiting was just how depressing hospital food is!

The cafeteria, those little trays. Ugh!

So if you or a loved one is looking for some good options to help recover from that awful food once you’re home from the hospital, I’ve got just the prescription for you.

The classic, of course, is the chicken noodle soup.  Sure it comes in a can, but why not cook a chicken of your own up in some broth, add your favorite noodles and fresh veggies, and enjoy a homemade healthy meal?

Or go international with some Vietnamese pho or Chinese wonton soup.  Any sort of hot brothy soup will help you feel better and will taste better than what they give you at the hospital!

One more thing you’ll never get while you’re inside?  Alcohol!  So when you get back, why not add some bourbon to some tea, honey, and your favorite citrus, and have yourself a hot toddy!

However you choose to recover, the Spice of Blythe is this: Come home to food – and drink! – that will make you feel bright and warm, and will get you feeling right in body and soul!