Sperm Donor Holds Annual Reunion With his Children

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SEATTLE, WA — A family reunion of a different kind is happening right now. Five kids – all siblings – and their dad are spending the long weekend in Seattle.

But what makes this different is that none of the kids grew up together. That’s because of something their dad – Todd Whitehurst – did during his college years: he was a sperm donor.

“It’s crazy. It’s definitely like looking into 4 mirrors at once! We kind of look the same,” said Kelly Deweese, who met her siblings for the first time at the Seattle airport.

The kids say they also share the same sense of humor, pale skin, and sweet tooth with their dad – who was contacted by the Donor Sibling Registry and started meeting the donor-conceived kids years ago.

And this family reunion could continue to grow year after year. That’s because Todd doesn’t just have five kids. He has 25!

“So many people have kids and take them for granted. People who go to sperm banks want kids badly,” said Whitehurst. “I love it. It’s so enriching.”

A loving, yet strange family reunion. Which actually – if you think about it – isn’t so strange after all.

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