Special Delivery: Rowlett Man Arrested For Sending White Powder Hoax Letters

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ROWLETT — How well do you know your neighbors?

Folks in a quiet Rowlett neighborhood never thought Hong Mingh Truong was a threat to the U.S.

One neighbor, Ernesto Lopez, referred to him as “Mr. H.” and described him as a ‘quiet guy who never caused any trouble.’

Truong was arrested Monday night amid accusations of mailing hundreds of hoax letters filled with white powder across the globe.

According to a 10-page criminal complaint, the 66-year-old sent 519 powdered packed letters to far-flung lung locations. Some of these places included overseas embassies, NASA, and even hotels near the New Jersey stadium — during Super Bowl XLVIII.

Closer to home, the FBI says he mailed off his mischief to Lockheed Martin in Grand Prairie and to the Mi Escuelita Preschool in Dallas.

Investigators followed the paper trail by checking Truong’s trash. It was a simple match of an IP address that led the FBI to a computer at his Rowlett home.

Feds found the white substance sealed in the letters to be non-harmful.

Letters referenced Al- Qaeda, Scooby-Doo, and the CIA — along with threats to hijack a plane from Love Field; that shook folks up.

So what’s this dude’s top secret mission?

Feds say all they know is that Truong claimed he heard voices inside of his head and thinks law enforcement is out to get him.
Well guess what, Truong? The feds really are watching you now. Oh, and you’ve been officially deemed the creep down the street.

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