SPCA Rescues Abused Animals

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WOLFE CITY, TX – It’s a story no pet lover wants to imagine. Hundreds of mistreated and abused cats and dogs were found in a Wolfe City home on Wednesday.

“The situation that was there was hard to see,” said Maura Davies of the SPCA of Texas.

The Hunt County Constable along with the SPCA of Texas swooped in and rescued 222 pets; 166 dogs, 43 cats, 14 kittens and 13 puppies.

Many of the animals suffered from open wounds, eye and nasal discharge and tick infestations. No doubt these four-legged animals were living a hard life.

A few other furry friends weren’t so lucky, four animals were found dead on the property.

“In one case there was a deceased puppy that was in with a live puppy,” she said.

SPCA Investigators first conducted an investigation a year ago. They found the animals were cruelly confined and medically neglected.

No one has been charged in this case. The property owner is set for a custody hearing at the end of the month.

“Should the SPCA of Texas receive final custody of the animals, we would then individually evaluate the animals to adoption or placement at that time,” said Davies.

For now the SPCA is working on getting them back to paw-fect condition at the Perry Animal Care Center in McKinney.

We’re rootin’ for a purr-fect ending.

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