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DALLAS COUNTY — The 4th of July  is just around the corner and you know what that means: Hot dogs, hamburgers and, of course, fireworks. Folks are sure to be looking for a place to spark up.

“You cannot do it inside of the city limits; you have to be in the unincorporated part of the area that it`s legal,” John Palmer  said.

On top of that, you can’t shoot fireworks on roadways, parks or lakes. So where does that leave us?

“You don`t have to worry about any city requirements or laws or whatever because we are past their limits,” Palmer said.

Palmer owns and operates the only* firework stand in Dallas county where you can buy and set off your fireworks in one place. He says business is good and the reason is the weather.

“There’s probably 99% less fire danger than there’s been in, 8,9,10,11 years — just because all this massive rain we’ve had,” he said.

Thanks to the recent rains, folks are itching to light the fuse.

“It’s been so long since we’ve had some good rain like this and not in a drought; everybody`s ready,” Palmer said.

While rains mean more business for Palmer and he’s had to work overtime to get the grounds ready for the nearly 5,000 folks who will flood his property over the holiday.

“As far as me personally on my spot, it’s been sort of hard because of the mud,” he said.

One thing he knows for sure this: this 4th of July will end with a bang.