Southwest Grounds 128 Planes Over Missed Inspections

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DALLAS – A series of missed inspections brought an airline’s operations back down to earth this week. On Tuesday, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines grounded 128 planes after discovering a group of aircraft had missed inspection of their hydraulics.

The maintenance checks are on the standby hydraulic system which serves as the backup.

The slip-up resulted in the cancellation of about 80 flights around the country.

Southwest released a statement saying, “The safety of customers and employees is Southwest’s highest priority and the airline is working quickly to resolve the situation.”

The FAA has given Southwest approval to continue flying the affected planes for a maximum of five days as the checks are completed.

This isn’t the first time the nation’s fourth biggest airline has had an issue involving maintenance. In July, the FAA slapped Southwest with a $12 million fine for three separate offenses. And In 2008, the FAA fined Southwest around $7 million for other maintenance issues.

So we guess you can say the FAA showed a little heart in this current situation. All’s well that ends well, and with that Southwest, “You are now free to move about the country”.

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