Southwest flight tragedy reveals issues with airplane safety rules

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DALLAS —  With new details emerging from the Southwest flight 1380 tragedy, we’re also learning that some people aren’t exactly good at following the rules.

Photos and videos from the incident are revealing a bigger problem: many passengers weren’t wearing their oxygen masks the right way.

Most people had on the masks just below their nose, which is incorrect.

It should actually cover your nose too. It’s a life and death issue. If you don’t put it on right, you could possibly pass out– or even die.

Instead of blaming human error, several people think it’s the airlines’ fault for not making the masks big enough.

“I absolutely think that they are doing it wrong. It should be a whole face mask. You know, I think they need to go back to the drawing board and try something different,” one person said.

“It’s just a learning opportunity for southwest to become better,” another person said.

Small or not, what’s most important is following the rules.

A Washington, D.C. talk show host named, Bobby Laurie tweeted saying quote: “even if they’re redesigned it won’t happen overnight and a new design won’t be on your next flight so learn how to wear them right!”

If anything, this tragedy should motivate you to do it right. After all, masking the problem won’t save your life!


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