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FORT WORTH — It was high times at the Fort Worth Convention Center Friday. On one side of the building, we had a trailblazer in politics. On the other, a group blazing a trail of their own by taking the head shop to the headlines.

Donald Trump is getting a run for his green with the Southwest Cannabis Conference coming to North Texas this weekend.

“We feel it’s very impactful for any presidential candidate, but Trump is a very impactful and a headliner in the country,” said conference organizer Rory Mendoza. “It’s great that he’s in the building with us.”

Trump has voiced his support, at least for medical marijuana, saying on the O’Reilly Factor February 10th, “Medical marijuana… medical? I am in favor of it 100%.”

Has everyone been as welcoming to the conference as it seems The Donald would be?

“Being in Fort Worth, Texas, the most conservative city in Texas, I think people’s minds are relatively changed at this point,” Mendoza said.

North Texas has been at the center of controversial conventions lately.

It started with the shootout at the Draw the Prophet Muhammad Show at the Culwell Center in Garland and culminated this week with lawsuits filed against the City of Dallas because of its ban of the Exxxotica Expo.

Forth Worth, though, rolled out the welcome mat for the pot party.

“We got the green light from Fort Worth, and the expo in Dallas diDN’t,” Mendoza said. “I think that shows you the change of mind with cannabis being relevant in everybody’s eyes.”

If you want to jump aboard the pot parade, head to Cowtown because weed is the way all weekend.