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SOUTHLAKE — A Southlake woman who became a viral sensation after police appealed to her in a hilarious Facebook and Twitter post to surrender, is back behind bars.

Crystal Ladawn Finley became the talk of the town earlier this year, and was soon caught, after the Southlake Police Department posted a series of hilarious messages, including this one – “We have the warrant and we are letting all of our besties know what you`ve been up to… Girl, call me.”

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Officials call Finley a serial shoplifter whose long rap sheet includes identity theft, credit card fraud and drug possession.

“From what we can tell, she was an ordinary person who was able to get information about people and use their private information to then set up these accounts,” Attorney Shawn Tuma told Newsfix.

Finley was released, and her warrants were put back in the system shortly after her arrest in April by the Plano Police Department. She told staff she was pregnant and needed medical attention.

After her arrest in Henderson County on Friday, Southlake police again took to social media, tweeting, “We’ll just leave this little mugshot right here… Finally the saga ends. #GurlCallMe.”

Getting in on the action, the Grand Prairie Police Department replied with their own tweet, “Teamwork makes the dream work. #GurlCallMe.”

Finley’s viral fame inspired police departments in surrounding areas to assist in her capture.