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DALLAS — Did you know April is National Donate Life Month?

It’s an effort to raise awareness about the need for organ donors – a need folks like Dr. Matt Mulloy, the surgical director of the kidney and pancreas transplant program at Medical City Dallas, are already all too aware of.

“We have a huge waiting list,” said Dr. Mulloy, “and while people are waiting, unfortunately, some people never make it to the top of that list, because they get too sick to remain on the list.”

That was a fear of Anu Phillip, who was diagnosed with a kidney condition when she was just nine months old.

“As years went by, my kidneys just got worse,” Phillip recalled.  “50%, 25%, then in 2011, 0%.”

She was dependent on dialysis, and waiting on a new kidney, for over five years.  Until…

“On March 18, 2017, they called me,” she said. “Medical City called me and say they had a kidney for me.”

There was only one problem.  Anu and her fiancé Jeswin were getting ready for their wedding – just six days away!

“We weren’t expecting a kidney before the wedding,” Jeswin said with a laugh. “But it just happened!”

It can take a week or more to recover from a transplant, but after some quick thoughts and prayers, Anu and Jeswin decided to risk the wedding and headed to Medical City.

Dr. Mulloy performed a successful surgery, and got her out of there just in time!

“I was discharged the day before the wedding, and got married the next day,” said Anu.

“The next day morning!” added Jeswin.

So Anu got to start a new life, in more ways than one.

“Because of the donor,” Jeswin said, “she got her life back.”

Hey, if you want a chance to make a world of difference for someone like Anu, it’s actually pretty easy!

“You can go to your computer right now,” Dr. Mulloy tells us, “and go to Donate Life Texas, or  Register, fill out a first-person consent, and that way we’ll have more people on the registry, and more potential donors.”

And more potential happy ending to stories like Anu’s.