Someone invented sliced ketchup, because why not?

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- It could be the best thing since sliced bread! Introducing: sliced ketchup!

"We've since learned that the slice is going to revolutionize the way that we sauce," Slice of Sauce CEO, Emily Williams said in a video.

Emily and her partner Thac Lecong have come together to bring the world something it never knew it needed: all-natural, no preservatives ketchup slices, and bonus, no mess!

Lecong said, "I think anyone on the go appreciate that it's portable and can be used anywhere."

The new special sauce got so much buzz, their Kickstarter raised all the money they needed and then some. Now, the duo hopes to put it on the shelves for all your saucy needs!

But not everyone is on board the tomato train.

Now we just have to get our hands on some and see what all the hype is about, you know, for science!

Thac added, "It's going to be like the first man on the moon, except this time the moon is a sandwich."

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