Soccer Ball from Challenger Explosion Makes it to Space!

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When heading out on a trip, you want to take your best things with you right?

Well, for one astronaut aboard the infamous space shuttle Challenger, that special something was a soccer ball.

Ellison Onizuka packed up the ball for the exciting expedition to space on January 28, 1986. It had been signed and given to him by the soccer team at Clear Lake High School in Houston.

What was so special about it you ask? His daughter was on the team!

All seven crew members died when the space shuttle exploded 73 seconds after launch but the ball was recovered from the wreckage.

It had been sitting on the shelf at Clear Lake for three decades until Commander Shane Kimbrough, whose son attends clear lake, decided he would personally take the ball on a one way trip back to space for the 31st anniversary of the Challenger tragedy.

Mission accomplished.

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