So, You Want to Wear a Body Camera

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Yeah, those body cameras don’t lie.

That incident in Tulsa involving a reserve deputy and an unarmed suspect gives us a clear picture of what happened.  It also reminds us of headlines like this, about how the cameras make police less trigger-happy and people getting arrested are less likely to file a complaint.

We know body cams work, but I heard someone recently suggest we take it a step further and we ALL wear them.

You would know who started a fight.

You would know if your son or daughter was being bullied, and disagreements at work would be settled quickly.

Although, maybe some of life’s issues are better solved another way.

Remember how you felt when you got a ticket from a red light camera?   That’s why cities all over the country are turning them off.

So let’s be careful about all of us living in a candid camera world.

You may not want to watch what happens.

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