So…there’s a mysterious guy leaving bananas with cryptic messages on them around Dallas. Yeah.

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Is it art? Prophecy? Social critique? Philosophy? Good, neutral or nefarious?

Is the banana some harbinger of truth that we ignore at our own peril?

No idea what I’m talking about?

To be honest, I don’t really either.

A YouTube user going by the name of Bana Man has been posting cryptic videos of bananas being placed around Dallas for the past year or so. The videos usually feature some abstruse title with a message written on the side of the sacrificial banana.

According to users on reddit who are followers of the banana man’s antics, the videos started off pretty simple and developed into the mysterious manifestos they are today with music.

Apparently, the man behind the banana produces in seasons. Which leaves us to ask, when are they hitting Netflix?

Video titles suggest a philosophical slant, as one is a quote from Karl Marx of a critique of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s philosophy.


The most recent video was posted on March 2, 2017 with the ominous title “Filth spews from every media orifice. Who is puking in my mouth? I fear I know the name.”

Hey, as a media organization, we prefer the term “media outlet”. We’re not really down with the whole being called an “orifice” thing.

We don’t know who the Banana Man is, what he wants, or even what his ideology is.

Perhaps there is an ideology, or perhaps it’s just a bored philosophy graduate student dealing with the crushing realization of the job prospects of his field of study.

We may never know.

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