Sno-M-G! What’s Up with the Snow/Sun Weather?

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NORTH TEXAS —  Only in Texas can we go from snowy to sunny in just a matter of hours. Uh, sno-m-g!

Yeah, mother nature is kinda like the Katy Perry song, Hot N Cold. Polar plunge? More like bi-polar weather. So, what gives?

“We’re far enough north to where we do have the opportunity to see a big winter storm, on any given year,” meteorologist Dennis Cavanaugh with the National Weather Service said.

Well, chances are if you grew up in the area, you know weather like this isn’t really all that common. Even the folks at the National Weather Service will tell you:
“Our average snowfall for a year at DFW Airport is just over an inch.”

But it seems the ice, sleet and snow are kinda like that crazy cousin who always insists on visiting. Yeah – you know the one.

With two ice/snow events this week alone, is mother nature trying to tell us something?

“Short-term patterns don’t necessarily indicate long-term trends,” Cavanaugh explained. “You can have high-impact weather events that sort of cluster, and then you might not see them again for 10 years. Then, people will sort of forget that it even happened.”

There you have it, folks. Just because we’ve had a few rough winters — #TBT cobblestone ice — doesn’t mean old man winter will always give us the cold shoulder.

Hey, at least Spring is just right around the corner. Then, all we’ll have to worry about is tornadoes — great.


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