Sniper Trial Day 8: Questions of Sanity

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STEPHENVILLE, TX--Even the testimony sounded, well, crazy.

When you heard about testimony that Eddie Ray Routh thought pigs--or pig-human hybrids were taking over the world, you might have thought, "Okay, maybe he's crazy."

But Dr. Randall Price says--not so fast.

Price is a forensic psychologist.  He's been reviewing files on the American Sniper murder case for nearly a year and actually visited with Routh in jail a couple of times in December.

Friday, he told jurors those wild hog stories might have more to do with what Routh was watching on TV than what was going on in his head.

He thinks Routh might have come up with the idea from an episode of Seinfeld, or from watching Boss Hog.

Okay, so is he crazy or isn't he?

Well, to be sure everyone knows exactly what we're talking about, the state penal code definition on insanity was on display in the courtroom.

Dr. Price said Routh doesn't meet the definition of insanity, isn't schizophrenic and did know right from wrong.

He said any symptoms of mental illness were the result of using drugs and alcohol.

On Monday, lawyers for both sides get to make their final points.  Then it's up to a jury to decide whether Routh can be held accountable for the murders of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.

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