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ARLINGTON — A rare discovery at an Arlington dig site officially has a name. After four years of digging and cleaning off bone — this 20-foot reptile is ready for its close-up!

“Here we have a skull of a brand new species of a fossil of crocodilian here, in front of us, Deltasuchus motherali,” says Dr. Ron Tykoski, Perot Museum of Nature and Science paleontology lab director. “Most of these fossils are right around 95-96 million years of age […] We got plant-eating dinosaurs, meat-eating dinosaurs, turtles, other crocodilians, lizards, snakes, amphibians little mammals […] We love talking about 20 foot crocodiles and giant dinosaurs and things like that but having all of these other things in there as well helps us really flesh out the picture of life in North Texas at that time.”

We’re just glad they’re still not around these parts today! But if that kind of thing interests you — you`re in luck!

This weekend you can see snakes off the plane and more at the North American Reptile Breeders Conference in Arlington.

‘They`re going to have hundreds of reptile breeders as well as thousands of animals from around the world,” says Eric Brittingham, “Wildlife on the Move” VP & Presenter. “You can go out there and decide – hey what makes the best pet for me and that way you have the breeders there to help you understand what does make the best pet.”

For example, most first timers probably couldn`t handle a snake like the one from the movie Anaconda!

“A lot of times you hear people say, I want to get a Burmese Python,” says Brittingham, “and you forget, when it`s this big that`s cute and all, but they grow to 20 feet long and two hundred pounds, not the best pet for everybody.”

Maybe you`re looking for something with legs – four? Eight? Maybe a shell to go with it?

Brittingham says if nothing else, come out for some hugs and hisses.

Another bonus, more than $10,000 is raised year after year at the Saturday night auction and this year, 50% of the proceeds are going to help Hurricane Harvey Victims.

For tickets and timing information click HERE.