Smug Mug: Poking Fun at Governor’s Grinning Mugshot

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DALLAS — It can’t be comfortable walking around in Rick Perry’s boots these days. But, the governor managed to conjure up a grin for his mug shot.

He has a reason to smile. He just carved out his own place in the history books.

Perry is the first sitting Texas governor to be indicted in nearly 100 years, since James ‘Pa’ Ferguson back in 1916.

While Republicans are calling it a political witch hunt, state Democrats aren’t willing to miss out on this opportunity to bash the Lone Star State’s head honcho.

“These are serious charges. I trust the justice system to do its job,” Gubernatorial Candidate Wendy Davis said while making a stop in Dallas on Wednesday. “But, I won’t presuppose what the outcome will be.”

While Davis didn’t say much, the internet has something to say about Perry’s smug mug.

The memes are simply magnificent.

Of course, we here at Newsfix couldn’t help ourselves either and created our very own Twitter handle, #rickperrysmug.

Perry’s probably lucky it’s not an election year. But, he’s hitting the campaign trail on Friday, leaving his team of attorneys to deal with his arraignment in Austin. You know what they say – there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

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