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It’s going down in Texas and not in a good way.

Portions of West Texas are sinking at alarming rates. A study done at Southern Methodist University reported that existing sinkholes in Wink, Texas were growing and new ones were forming. Now, it seems that those are just the tip of the iceberg.

SMU researchers said they’ve discovered large portions of four Texas counties that are also sinking and uplifting.

“My colleagues, Dr. Jin Woo Kim and I, we started using the satellite images to look over West Texas and tried to identify whether the ground surface moved up or moved down,” SMU Professor Zhong Lu said.

“[We were] trying to understand what is the causal mechanism. What are the most likely causes for what we have seen?”

Now, NASA hopes that these findings will help the organization further develop a new radar.

“Nasa is developing a satellite called NISAR,” NASA Program Scientist, Dr. Gerald Bawden said.

“So when you have areas where you have sinkholes–you have landslides, earthquakes, volcanoes–this type of radar satellite will be used to detect and help understand why these processes are going on”.

Maybe with this new technology we’ll all be able to plant our feet on higher ground.