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DALLAS — It might look like just another little red sports car, but Bruce Dietzen’s ride is a little outside the norm.  They call it the Cannabis Car.

“The body is made out of cannabis hemp,” said Dietzen, sitting in the car his company Renew Sports Cars manufactured.  “Instead of using woven fiberglass, we use a woven hemp, and it allows us to save weight, and is actually the strongest [plant-based] material. Also, it’s carbon-negative, because it’s plant material. This is the future.  In fact, it was going to be the future Henry Ford planned on making all cars this way.”

Well, yeah!  A strong, light material that literally grows on trees?

But of course, there’s a catch.

The problem is, even though it doesn’t get you high like its cousin Mary Jane, hemp is still illegal to grow in about half the United States.

“Incorrectly,” Dietzen said. “It should never have been made illegal.  People made a lot of mistakes back in the late 1930’s, and as a result, we’re not driving cars made out of plants today.”

That’s why Dietzen’s been touring the country, pushing to legalize industrial hemp nationwide.  Monday night at the Texas Theater, that push will come in the form of documentaries.  One about the Cannabis Car itself, and one calls “Hempsters: Plant the Seed.”

Hey, who knows!  Maybe sometime down the road we’ll all be driving cars as green as Dietzen’s little red one.