Arlington smoke shop produces video on what NOT to say in Texas stores

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ARLINGTON — When it comes to buying products from smoke shops, many smokey joints run into a little problem. That is, when customers use the wrong terminology.

“If somebody comes in and says, ‘Hey, I would like to get… and they use the ‘b-word’ and they ask for a bong, we have to tell them, you can’t say that in here,” long time employee Ed Ward said. ”If you say that again, you’ll have to leave. It’s a water pipe, because we sell it for tobacco use and tobacco use only.

In the Lone Star state, when looking for your puffy paraphernalia, it’s all about how you ask. So the folks with Hempy’s Smoke Shop in Arlington put together a PSA on how to talk in the shop.

“If we sold something to somebody who admittedly said they were going to use in a felony offense, we are aiding and abetting,” Ward said.

Shaun McAlister, writer-producer and director of the video, said it’s all about education. “What we wanted to do was to help educate the market a little bit as to the simple fact that these little changes in language make a big difference and allow businesses like this to operate,” he said.

The educational video for customers has thousands of hits since it was uploaded last year.

“A lot of people have enjoyed the humorous education side of it and many of them have said, ‘I didn’t know you couldn’t say that in there,’” McAlister said.

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