Slush Fun: Kids and Animals Enjoy Morning Snow

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DALLAS, Texas—Just when you thought the winter weather is over, Frosty came back with a vengeance to DFW Thursday.

But there was snow way kids we met were going to miss a chance to have a blast on this snow day!

“Sledding, playing in the playground, eating snow,” Grayson Burrow said.

“I just went down and crashed into the tree!” sledder Cole said.

“Super-fast down the hill with Mommy,” sledder Levi said of his ride down Flagpole Hill.

Sun and snow? Sounds ice to us!

Even the law got involved, with snow creations from Plano PD, Dallas Police Association, Fort Worth Fire Department, along with Irving firefighters — working hard on their snow guy.

“We’re building a snowman mascot for the fire station; we just use our fire hoses to make the snow wet,” one firefighter explained.

Can’t leave our four-legged friends out the flurry fun!

“It’s sunny and beautiful, she jumps in it, she digs in it, she has plenty of snow on her face,” Luana Baptista said about her Golden Retriever, Emma.

“I have Siegfried, the standard poodle,” Jeff Cisneros said.  “He’s a water dog, so it’s really nice for him to get out here and have some snow to run in.  This is actually his first time in the snow because we moved out here and it hasn’t snowed like this since.”

Hope all of us had a chance to enjoy the wet stuff.

Seems like Frosty in Dallas is kind of Slushy now. And we ain’t talkin’ lemon berry.

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