Slip N’ Slide: Complex on Lake Granbury in Danger of Falling

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GRANBURY — When it rains it pours, then it slides. And so is life for those in Granbury right now as the small town has been one of the hardest hit areas following days of rainfall.

Now an apartment complex near Lake Granbury is just hoping not to fall into it. “The apartments behind me may be slipping into the lake,” said Sergeant Cris Brichetto of the Granbury Police Department.

On Thursday the land near lake front apartments and townhomes started to collapse creating a dangerous situation. By Friday, residents were being evacuated for their safety.

“Approximately 29 people… You can see some of them are still coming back to gather some quick things that they can and then now we’re just waiting on an engineer to make a final assessment”, says Brichetto.

He continued, explaining the early prognosis isn’t looking good, “The ground is basically eroding away back into the lake. The foundation from what I know, from what I’ve seen, the foundation hasn’t moved yet but the ground underneath it is definitely eroding.”

Tony Strama, a man who owns a neighboring property, had a little more luck but still felt bad about the situation, “I know Wade, the gentleman next door that owns the property… It’s just sad to see that happen to him.”

Now those displaced can only hope for the best.

“My heart goes out to them,” says Strama. “If you don’t have renters insurance you’re just out of luck so I hope they found a place to stay and just wish them the best and I hope they get their things back and get to come back soon.”

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