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Thousands of African migrants cross through Libya to get to Europe in search of a better life. It turns out many on that journey have faced abuse, slavery, and torture.

The men from Sudan were held against their will in brutal conditions and it was all recorded.

In one video a man is burned with hot plastic on his body as another man stands and yells at him to look at the camera.

In another video, men are whipped and beaten; again, forced to look at the camera as they begged for their families to send ransom money in exchange for their freedom.

Relatives, not knowing what else they could do, took the graphic and disturbing video, put it on social media to raise awareness and tagged CNN.

It wasn’t long before it went viral.

Libyan Special Forces tracked down where the men were being held. They raided the site, arrested four men and the eight captives were set free.

Although these men are now safe. This global criminal network still very much alive

The Sudanese foreign ministry says that it’s warning migrants and refugees not to cross illegally through Libya and not to attempt traveling the routes to Europe. The question is where can they go?