Skratch is the app you want your teen using this summer! $$$

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DALLAS -- Last year we told you about a new app called Skratch. It gives teens access to certain jobs that pop up in their own neighborhood, so they can get some extra, well, scratch during their downtime.

Now that it`s summertime, the gigs are snowballing!

"There are Seekers and Skratchers. The Seekers post gigs and the Skratchers accept gigs," says Skratch Director of Strategic Partnerships and mother, Lindsay Feldman. She's not talking about the seekers from Harry Potter, she's talking about parents like herself!

She says certain gigs are in high demand right now. "Gaming pal, sports mentor, activity chaperone; families are really busy in the summer, with all the kids home. Moms and dads need an extra set of hands."

And don`t worry about safety -- they`ve got you covered.

"The platform is designed to screen with the Texas State Sex Offender Registry."

So she's a Seeker, Kiara Veliz on the other hand, is a 16-year-old Skratcher.

"I heard about it and was like, whoa, what a great opportunity," says Veliz, "Before this, I was a very awkward person and now I could talk to people."

And guess how much she`s made...

"I`ve made tons of money; I`ve made $700 altogether," Veliz tells Newsfix.

But she says it`s not just about money, it`s experience.

"It opens up a dialogue about responsibility financial literacy," says Feldman, "We believe you can`t really teach financial literacy without teaching income.[...] They need to feel what it feels like to earn your own cash. You haven`t spent anyone`s money until you`ve spent your own."

Amen to that! Definitely a lesson for the real word. Right now, the app is only in parts north of Dallas, but continues to expand, so who knows? Being a Seeker or a Skratcher may soon be in your future!

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