Skipped your morning coffee? Your memory might pay the price

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Coffee is what helps get most of us through our mornings.

But what happens when coffee lovers skip that morning shot of caffeine?

According to a new study from Australia, it affects more than your mood and energy. It apparently also hinders your memory.

Researchers at the University of Tasmania found that caffeine cravings are like heroin and cocaine withdrawal, which use a good chunk of your brain.

Researchers denied 55 coffee drinkers the drink for about 12 hours. They scored significantly lower than usual on a word pairs test. Other people got just one cup of Joe and got better scores.

Scientists say that means when drinking coffee becomes a habit, you spend a lot of attention on actually having the drink, just like drug users spend time and effort to get their next fix.

When you don’t crush those cravings, it takes away brain power you normally use for other things, like taking in new information and remembering things.

So it is time to break that caffeine habit?

We’re not sure if most of us will, but it sure is something to consider.


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