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DALLAS — On Saturday, the search was still on for 13-year-old Shavon Randle. Now, Shavon’s dead, and so is one ‘person of interest’, Michael Titus.

Meanwhile, six others are in jail.

So how did we get to this point?

According to Police affidavits, it all started with stolen drugs. A Dallas County affidavit says Randle was targeted after her cousin’s boyfriend, Kendal Perkins, stole “a large amount of narcotics…at 1750 N. IH35E (Motel 6) Lancaster, TX on 06/26/2017”.

That same affidavit pegs Devontae Owens as the key, showing that his cell phone and Shavon Randle’s phone “traveled in the same direction away from the victim’s residence until the victim’s cellphone was turned off”.

That got Owens and his self-proclaimed bodyguard, Laquon Wilkerson, arrested for aggravated kidnapping.

At the vacant East Oak Cliff house where the bodies of Randle and Michael Titus were found , there was no sympathy for the accused Monday.

“I wish they’d make new keys to the jails, and after they make new keys, throw those keys away,” said Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway. “They should never get out and be on the streets of the city of Dallas.”

“They need to stay where they’re at, which is incarcerated,” Michael Titus’ mother, Angel Titus, cried Sunday night. “They need to be charged with capital murder for this 13-year-old baby.”

How were the bodies found? That’s thanks to Desmond Jones.

The affidavit says he took Police to the house on Kiest Boulevard, and he “began to shake and became visibly upset” as they pulled up. When asked what they’d find in the house, Jones said, “R.I.P. to her (the kidnapping victim) and Mike T. (Michael Titus)”.

Jones was arrested for failing to report deaths.

The other two original persons of interest, LaPorshya Polley and Darius Fields, were arrested on drug-related charges, and Kendal Perkins is facing aggravated robbery charges for the theft that started the tragic string of events.

While Police decide the fates of those six, the public was building a makeshift memorial in front of the Kiest Blvd. house and thinking about that 13-year-old girl.

“It just broke my heart,” said a woman named Maria.

Lancaster resident Anthony Ford added, “It hurts me to the marrow of my bones to hear this.”

“She’s an angel now,” Dallas resident Sharda Meador said. “She didn’t deserve it.”