Situation Critical: Ebola Patient Downgraded from Serious to Critical Condition

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DALLAS — So, apparently everyone is safe and no one is getting Ebola from Thomas  Duncan; unless you swap spit or other bodily fluids with him.

But, try telling that to the woman who lives next door to where he was staying.

“I am staying in my house; I don’t want to come around this area, I don’t want to take part in this sickness,” the woman who didn’t want to be identified said.

On Friday, the Ivy Apartment Complex was crawling with hazmat crews. They gave the contaminated apartment a scrub down, days after Duncan’s diagnosis was confirmed.

Everything collected is set to be destroyed. The quarantined family of four was moved out of the complex.

In a recent CNN exclusive interview, Duncan`s Nephew, Josephus Weeks said, “Well it is very upsetting to me that it took that long to get the situation rectified. But we are glad they were able to come to the rescue of those people in that apartment complex.”

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins sounded confident in reiterating the lack of danger during a press conference Friday night.

“’I`m wearing the same shirt I was when I was in the car with the family. I was in their house, next to those materials.”

So, why then, was the cleanup crew in heavy-duty hazmat suits?

Meanwhile, the hospital at the center of care, Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas, is changing its story,  claiming its error in releasing Duncan, after his first ER visit was not a work flow glitch.

The hospital now says in a statement, “The patients travel history was documented and available to the full care team… including the physicians.”

“The hospital was not showing me any signs they were equipped to handle that particular situation, so I called the CDC to ask for guidance,” Weeks added.

Then there’s contract tracing — the folks that may have been exposed to Duncan and Ebola.

On Saturday, the CDC said it’s still monitoring about 50 people — nine are considered ‘high risk,’ none show symptoms.

But looks like this Ebola scare has some scared they might have the virus. The CDC has already looked into 100-suspected cases, but Duncan remains the only infected patient.

Unfortunately, his condition has been downgraded to critical.


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