Sit With Us: New app working to stop bullying at school

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Lunchtime in high school can be rough. You have your food and you don’t want to sit alone, but you don’t know whether anyone is going to let you have a seat at their table.

Well, one teen decided to change all of that.

“When I was in middle school I went through a pretty painful bullying experience. On top of being verbally bullied, cyberbullied and physically attacked, I ate lunch alone every day.”

Yep! And even though Natalie Hampton changed schools, the thought of sitting along still haunted her. So she created an app to help cure the lonely lunchroom blues.

“I created Sit With Us, a free mobile app, that helps bullied or lonely kids find allies in their schools.”

Sit With Us allows students to become ambassadors by inviting others to join them for a meal.

Ambassadors can post open lunch invites which let those seeking a spot know exactly where they are welcome to have a seat.

The app has caught on and Hampton’s simple act of kindness is now going global.

“To my surprise sit with us has gone viral and is being used by over 80,000 kids and adults in 8 different countries worldwide.”

Another thing that makes the app great, it’s private. No one has to know. Plus, students are collectively taking a stand against bullying one meal at a time.

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