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DALLAS — For Korra and Margarita, life got off to a pretty hairy start. Well, kinda.

“Poor Margarita. She had such a bad case of mange. She had barely any hair,” said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman. “Korra was suffering from what’s called ringworm, and she was missing a lot of her hair.”

Both were strays. Korra was pulled off the street alone, and Margarita came in with four brothers and sisters.

Their life-changing moment started when Kelsie Lindley spotted Korra on the Dallas Pets Alive! website.

“I was eyeing her for a few weeks after reading her description on Dallas Pets Alive,” Lindley said. Then Lindley and her boyfriend, Kaleb Sanders, met the young Anatole Shepherd.

“She just came right up to me and just sat on my lap,” Lindley said. “So it just felt right like she should come home with us.”

That’s happy ending number one, but the story doesn’t end there. Remember our cocktail cutie, Margarita?

“We wanted to start without a puppy to get our feet in the water with Korra,” Sanders said. “Then with Khloe, we really wanted to have the opportunity to train and have her develop.”

Yep, her new parents renamed Margarita. She’s now Khloe, and even better, she’s officially a little sister.

“They’re play buddies for sure,” Lindley said.

“Actually, Korra will bring toys to her (Khloe) when she’s sitting in our laps to try to get her to play with her,” Sanders added.

From hairless strays to happy step sisters, the Ruff Life is kaput for Korra and Khloe.

If you’re interested in adopting or fostering from Dallas Pets Alive! check out their website.