Sister Sister: Breast Cancer Survivors, Supporters Raise Awareness

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CEDAR HILL — It’s a battle that many have survived, And the same fight Cynthia Duskin is all too familiar with.

“I kept denying it, one because breast cancer doesn’t run in my family”, the cancer survivor said. “I never imagined it would have affected me.”

Thanks to the annual event, Sister To Sister Fitness Festival, Cynthia was able to detect early signs of cancer, just before things got really bad.

“It’s important for us to do the things we need to do for early detection, because early detection not only increases your longevity, it increases your options”  event coordinator Sylvia Dunnavant explained.

Cancer survivors and supporters made strides on Saturday as they lined up for a 5K to raise funds and awareness for the battle against breast cancer among women of color.

“ We’re kicking  off  breast cancer awareness month, people are coming out; they’re getting  free mammograms and blood pressure screenings,” Dunnavant added.

Well, one thing’s for sure, the strong group of women are in the battle together — all the way to the finish line.


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