Simon Says: You Don’t Need a Powerball Ticket to Win

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DALLAS -- It overtook our minds, our feelings, our emotions. Yup —"lottery-itis," more contagious than Ebola.

They’ve written about it in Psychology Today. The dreams of a billion-dollar jackpot  had so many of you all wanting to be part of the action, and the fantasy that goes along with it.

You do know,  by the way, your odds for wealth are better if you took your life savings to a casino and put it all on red or black, like this guy.

NewsFix does not endorse or encourage this kind of behavior.

I spent $10 on Powerball and dreamed about owning part of an NFL team, sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House, and owning a volcano in Hawaii. I’m sure many of you had some crazy ideas, too.

I’m sure many of you had some crazy ideas, too. But I always seem to hear these kind of lottery dreams from some of you.

How you would:

  • Hire a team of personal trainers to get in shape -- and a  team of chefs to make sure you're healthy enough to spend your dough.
  • How you’d  give money away to your favorite  charities.
  • And help out friends and family, even the weird ones.

But take a second and look at all these things. It's amazing how we think the lottery can change us. Make us better people. Well, you don’t need a lottery ticket for that.

Want to be in better shape? Start jogging.

Eat better? Stay away from the drive-thru.

Help a charity? They will gladly take the money you spent on a ticket.

Help out  family? Giving your time for an errand can be extremely valuable.

So, please remember these things the next time you buy a ticket. You don’t need to spend a dollar to buck your lousy trends.

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