Simon Says: Why The Heck Do “Cheaters” And “Harassers” Even Get Married?

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Married.   Married.  Married. Married. Married.

Get the picture?  There’s not enough time here to name all of the #Himtoo harassment guys we’ve been hearing about for a while now.

All of them, once or many times, have looked someone in the eye and said: “I do…”

They might as well have finished that with something like "…not plan to be faithful.

Hey, it’s not just men I’m talking about. More and more women are searching for something better.

But it’s the guys making the recent headlines that really have me thinking.

Why hook-up with a porn star? Have sex in your office?  ‘Hit’ on everyone, and still stay married?

I’m not trying to get preachy here, but don’t you think the cheater near you just thinks marriage looks good?   You know, helps their image?

If someone wants to sleep around and have more hook-ups than a worm needs on a fishing trip, don’t you think public pushback would be less if they were single?

I wouldn’t care if Trump wanted porn star Stormy Daniels as his apprentice, but it bothers the hell out of me that Melania was at home dealing with a pregnancy.

Commitment ain’t what it used to be.

It’s not about love.

I think it’s more about convenience and convincing everyone you are what you’re not.

It’s no different than going to Krispy Crème on the first day of a diet

It’s no different than reading a book by money guy Dave Ramsey and then taking out a few payday loans.

You know the drill—divorce rates remain high.

But those of you looking for that convenience of a partnership fueled by the paparazzi, stay away from that walk down the aisle.

Because you ’re nothing more than a con artist who’s cheating ------themselves!

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