Simon Says: Why It’s a Good Thing I Didn’t Listen to my Doctor!

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I went to a doctor not long ago, and he recommended some major surgery. It would have involved a lot of time off and a lot of pain pills.

My first reaction was to get a second opinion.

Good thing I did, because THAT second doctor recommended some medicine I never heard of, and within days, I was doing much better.

I never did have that operation.

The second opinion. It’s amazing how it can dramatically impact your life.

Dr. OZ says only 1 in 5 of you ever gets one.   That means 80% of us are either too stubborn or lazy to hear another point of view.

I wasn't shocked to hear many of us go the one doctor, one opinion route. Because don’t you get the feeling we’re living in a country where so many people look at life like that.

No second opinion on anything! Just one voice and one view of the way things are.

How many of your friends who watch FOX News never want a second opinion on anything.

How many of your friends who watch CNN or MSNBC think the only opinion that matters is what they see there.

These are just some of the examples that give a very different diagnosis of what’s wrong with things right now,  and we just accept what we’re being told.

Don’t do that.

You might want to open your mind and get a second opinion on what's really going on.

It might just create more talking than yelling each day.

Remember, another opinion saved me a lot of time and a lot of money.

If you’re just sick of the way things are, don’t assume you know it all. A second opinion could cure what ails you.

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