Simon Says: Why a Racist “Promposal” Should Really Freak You Out!

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The award for biggest bonehead of the week goes to… a high school kid in Florida!

"Promposals” are supposed to get attention, but not this kind.   It’s racist, and it’s stupid.

I wish the girl said no because slavery and the prom don’t go together.

This kid got me thinking. He’s just another example of what feels like an entire generation that doesn’t have a clue. The kids from Parkland may be the exception, but it feels like there’s a lot of people with no perspective of the past and what’s right?

I may sound like an old man here, but these kids today are unfocused.

You know them: their eating tide pods, snorting condoms, and yelling at Dr. Phil!

All of them represent a self-consumed, out of touch group.

So it shouldn’t surprise you when you see a recent study that suggests only 4 in 10 millennials know about how many Jews were killed in World War II.

The Holocaust. Might as well be the name of a DJ in Vegas.

Study after study shows a lot of you aren’t studying history.

It’s hard to have a civil conversation about the civil war when someone has no idea what it was about.

This ignorance should freak you out more than a 9-year-old girl with a million followers who sounds like this.

No sense of history means we could all be history when this kid grows up.

Because we have a generation brewing that really is like the Senior Prom--it doesn’t live up to expectations.

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