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You can sleep better tonight.

Really. Especially when you consider what happened in Washington this week.

Both parties in Congress found a way to work together.

You believe it? When does that happen?

Republicans and Democrats put their differences aside and passed A Joint Resolution condemning what happened in Charlottesville with all those white supremacists.

So, it literally took an act of Congress to let tell us Nazis are bad?

I’m hoping we can get more cooperation in the future and more joint resolutions so we know Congress is also against other bad things like Ebola, opioids, ISIS, hurricanes, concussions, child molesters, smoking, depression, suicide, and that Baywatch movie.

Imagine the political courage it took for someone you voted for to condemn those people.

You know what’s just as sad as what happened that day in Virginia? The fact that Congress was on the clock and took time and money to write something most of us already know.

The thought of those guys with the tiki torches makes me sick, but it makes me sad we live in a country where we have to put things in writing that only ‘Captain Obvious’ would appreciate.

We all know congress historically doesn’t have a record of getting things done.

And this kind of thing, that looks more like damage control from a PR firm, won’t do anything to help the notion so many people in Washington just don’t get it.